Steps to Creating Picture Schedules

Picture schedules take a large task that can be hard to process and breaks it down into smaller easy to manage steps. Here are some tips to creating your own picture or task schedule.

1. Determine the activity that you want to use.
2. Write down the specific steps to complete the activity. How specific you are depends on the age and ability of your child.

  • Put on pants
  • Button pants
  • Put on shirt
  • Put on socks
  • Put on shoes
  • Tie shoes

3. Create the chart. Find clip art, draw pictures, or take photographs to illustrate each step. You can add the written words to help promote reading.
4. Introduce the chart. Show your child the chart. Talk about each picture and what it means. Point to the steps as your child carries out the action. Introduce the chart to your child before they need to use it so they have time to process the new schedule.
5. Start using the chart!

Make sure the charts are accessible for the children to see and use throughout the day.

Here are some free sites to help you create your own picture schedule.

Family Testimonial:

This is an excellent resource for all families. Thank you for providing this great opportunity for parents to help their children exceed all expectations!
- JP- Oro Valley