5 BEST-EVER Potty Training Tips

Potty training can be a frustrating time for parents and children. Always remember that some children just are not developmentally ready for potty training even though you might be! If they are not ready, all the tips and techniques will not make a difference. They will show you signs they are ready such as; wanting to be changed when they are soiled, showing interest in the potty and sitting on the potty. The most important thing to remember is DO NOT force your child, you may create a fear of the toilet that can take time to get over. Below are my BEST-EVER Potty Training Tips! 

1. Patience Is a Virtue

Be patient….one day they will be potty trained, when they are good and ready!

2. All About the Bribes

I was not above bribing my boys. When they go in the potty, reward them with a special treat (M&M’s were the favorite in my house), but only when they go!

3. Heap on the Praise

Lots of attention, positive reinforcement, love, and affection will go a long way! And you always have this with you!

4. Just Like Daddy (or Mommy)

Be a role model for your child. Tell them when you need to go potty and allow them to watch you go. May sound strange, but once they see what they are supposed to do, it can trigger the desire to be just like daddy or mommy!

5. Location

Find what works best for your child and go with it. It may be a little potty that sings when you go or it may just be right on the toilet like a big kid. Allow them to take the lead on what they want to go on.

**Bonus tip for potty training boys….give them something to aim at. Throw a few cheerios in the toilet and tell him to sink them. Keep the aim in the toilet and not all over the seat, or floor, or wall! Make it a fun game!

Family Testimonial:

This is an excellent resource for all families. Thank you for providing this great opportunity for parents to help their children exceed all expectations!
- JP- Oro Valley