Our Mission:

To provide families with an easy link to early childhood specialists and programs across communities free of charge.

Who we are?

Bridges Early Learning Specialist is the #1 resource for all things early childhood. We offer easy links to supports and services for families and their children, birth to eight, who have special needs or health concerns. Research shows that this time period is critical. It offers a window of opportunity to make a positive difference in how a child develops and learns.

How to get started.

  1. Learn more about what services our specialists can offer in our about section and find the right services for your child.
  2. Take time to view our specialists' profiles and decide on the perfect association for your child.
  3. Make connections with specialists.
  4. Visit our Parents as Therapists section for early intervention tips and tricks you can do at home.

Our Founder

Mary Cliff, M.ED ECSE

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Mary Cliff specializes in helping families find support for their young children. For the past 13 years, Mary has worked in the public school system as an early intervention teacher and non-violent crisis intervention trainer.

Mary earned her BS from the University of Arizona in 2005 and her M.ED from Northern Arizona University in 2013. She completed the LEND program through the University of Arizona Pediatric Department.

Mary started Bridges Early Learning Specialist when she discovered how hard and frustrating it can be for families to find support and services for their child when she was looking for speech services for her own child. Her goal is to ease the process for families in a time of need.

Mary is the Founder and Executive Director of BELS Foundation.

Family Testimonial:

The web based programs and apps you have made available are so helpful for my kindergartener struggling with reading
- SB- Tucson